Limited Denial of Participation and Voluntary Abstention List
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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Limited Denial of Participation, HUD Funding Disqualifications
and Voluntary Abstentions list

How to Search for multiple names
To search for multiple names, you may type more than one name separated by "or" in the Search box. For example, to search for cases that have either Smith or Jones in the Subject, you need to type "Smith or Jones" and then press the Search button.
How to Sort the listing
The listing is displayed in alphabetical order by Subject. You may sort the listing by any of the criteria listed in the column headings. For example, to sort the listing by Affiliates, you click on the Affiliate column heading.
How to Print the listing
To print this page, you select File from your browser menu bar. Then select the Print option. To ensure all columns are printed on the same page, you need to select Preferences and choose Landscape for page orientation. Press OK and then Print button to send the listing to your printer.
How to Download the listing
To download this list as a tab delimited file to your computer, click the Download List link at the top of the page. Using Internet Explorer version 6 or newer, you can also export the list into Microsoft Excel by right clicking within the list and selecting Export to Microsoft Excel.
Who to contact for Help
For general information, please call the HUD Departmental Enforcement Centerís Compliance Division at (202)708-3041. If you need specific information on an individual case, please contact the HUD person identified for that case. If you wish to send the contact an email, click on the email address of the contact and a new email message will be opened addressed to the contact.
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